Sunday, January 16, 2011

KinKast Video Sharing, Storage, and Viewing

I tried a free video app from KinKast and I really like it. Kinkast is faster and easier to use than the normal video app on my iPhone. (But let's be honest: Both are way faster and easier to use than the $700 video camera Christian and I got after we had Sam. It rested on our shoulder and used cables and wires to "transfer" videos. Those were the days.)

KinKast is fast and downloads (uploads?) your videos in the background while you're doing stuff.  It's good and I like it. It saves your videos on the web and backs them up on a server. You know--all that stuff we care about. You save your private video library on KinKast. What I like best about it is how tiny the video tapes are that you use with it. Just checking to see if you are paying attention. What I really like best about it is how quick and easy it is to  e-mail the videos to people or post them on Facebook. I sent a bunch of videos of Ellen to Christian, who was in Calgary over the last few days, and it was totally convenient for both of us. KinKast sends a private link for viewing the video with no log in. It's always a turn off when you have to log in to watch a video, isn't it? It's just one more thing you've got to do. Not with KinKast.  It basically does whatever you want to do with your funny/cute videos. I think the video-trimming feature is probably where it outshines the iPhone video app the most. You should try it.

When I first downloaded this app I thought it didn't work. And I was like, "How embarrassing for KinKast! They want me to try this and it doesn't even work!" I was totally going to blog about it not working because I believe in truth in advertising and there was no way I was going to gloss over it--I have way too much journalistic integrity for that. It was kind of exciting! But only for about a minute. It took me about one minute to figure out that my iPhone had to be set to take video instead of pictures, which makes sense when you think about it (which I did). So if a person like me (techtarded) can trouble shoot in 60 seconds, it's probably entirely intuitive (as they say) for everyone else. It really does work great. Too bad I don't get to write an expose. Even when I thought it wasn't working it was showing me a little button with  a play icon on it, politely encouraging me to switch to video mode. It made me feel bad for judging it while it was patiently instructing me. I do that sometimes.

Download KinKast right now. It comes with a free 12 pack of the cutest little video tapes you ever saw! Not really.


  1. Okay you sold me. I'm all about downloading free apps. And please send my condolences and apologies to Christian for having to be here in Calgary when it was -20C for the last week. I'm not saying we generally live in a mild climate here, but this has been a bit extreme.

  2. KinKastic review! I would love to see more videos of your darling family. I really would.

  3. First I need to buy an iphone. Then I'll get KinKast and we'll be in business.