Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Trip for Design Mom: Behind the Scenes

Gabby of Design Mom is busy with her new baby so she let me go to a Honda blogging event for her in San Diego. It was pretty glamorous. Speaking of glamor, the first night I was instructed to wear "business elegant" to the unveiling of the 2011 Honda Odyssey. I trotted straight over to Mervyns because nothing says "business elegant" quite like Mervyns. Am I right? I used a clutch. Here I am clutching it before the big event.
 But I'm getting ahead of myself. My trip was an absolute pleasure. I was kind of scared to go because of how I don't go anywhere or do anything. But frankly, traveling without kids is not scary or hard. It's easy and fun. It took about a day for me to stop straining to hear things in the hotel--like  a child crying or falling. Because my kids weren't there! I got just myself ready in the morning. My things were the only things there.  I reached a new level of being myself and thinking my thoughts. About a year ago when my baby started sleeping and my kids became old enough to watch themselves I went up a level from the fragmented-out-of-it-sleep-deprived mom of little kids. It was amazing! I thought I was totally "back." But on my trip I realized that I am still in a frazzled-non-relaxed-mother-of-grade-and-preschoolers-state of mind. It's kind of nice to know that I'm still not functioning at 100%. Of course, once I hit 100% I'll probably begin a quick decline into old age.

On my own I was able to pursue my FAVORITE topics for discussion over and over with everyone I met: TLC, Law and Order, Lords of Dogtown, Toyota recalls, Generation X, blogging, Mormons, blogging Mormons, the Duggars, foster dogs, Tivo, vampires, satellite radio, kids, breaking the news to people getting a massage for the first time that they will be pure naked, Masada, and minivans. It was a blast! I actually didn't make too many friends. Don't know why. I did meet a lot of cool people though. Here's Car Seat Dad. He drove me around all day when we were supposed to test drive the vans. I'm not about to drive on a San Deigo freeway--are you kidding me? Car Seat Dad was really nice to me and helped me be less of a loner. He told me his readers think his voice is sexy.
No one really tells me my laugh is sexy.

Check out the Honda Odyssey! It's an awesome car. I want to buy one. They've put a lot of thought into every little thing. I love it. Roomy.
But kind of unreliable. (Not really.)

 I really do think Honda is great. They make their production line flexible so they can build any of their cars there. Most car factories can only make one type of car. So when gas prices shot up a few years ago they could make tons of Civics and fewer of the big cars. They haven't had to lay anyone off because of this flexibility. And here's something weird and interesting: They all wear white outfits. All of them. At work. To foster camaraderie among the associates. People who work for Honda love Honda and are very loyal. I love their work culture. I would buy a car from them. And I currently drive a Mercedes. They were pretty persuasive.
So the first night we had dinner and business elegance. The next day we had the presentation about the vans.
I love anything free.
After that we got to have a spa treatment at La Estancia (where we were staying). I opted for a Mani/Pedi. I was glad too because the dressing room for people getting massages was basically a vestibule hung with sheers. I'm not about to change into a robe in a vestibule with other people--are you kidding me?

We had dinner that night with all the Honda people (business casual). I met some cool bloggy moms and talked more about TLC. The next day my driver took me to the airport. I learned a lot about my driver that day. I learned that he married a Peruvian woman who didn't love him but she needed citizenship. They were married on Christmas Eve. They celebrate their anniversary in March, three months later because she did eventually fall in love with him and their anniversary marks the day they first made love. (His words. Not mine.)

It was a wonderful trip. Honda was wonderful. The other bloggers we great. My driver was awesome. I felt like I'd really changed--like I was a new person. But when the plane landed in SLC International, it was like none of it had happened. Was it all a dream? It was like time skipped and settled and I found myself in an alternate time line. It was confusing, but only because I didn't understand it yet.


  1. I don't know what all that was about, but it was fun to read. You'd make a good tour guide. Nay, an expert tour guide. You seem to be a good sport, easy-going, and fungible. Wait, I meant to say flexible, but fungible came out. Most of all, it was heartening to hear that you had reached a new level of being yourself and thinking your thoughts. That takes an incredible amount of introspection just to be aware of and articulate, let alone attain. And it's good to know it's possible, at least for Kacys.